Kirk Frederickson is a next-generation rock drummer carrying the torch of a rich musical legacy
associated with his stomping grounds of Indiana created by the inimitable Kenny Aronoff - one of Kirk's
closest friends and his most obvious influence. As a music fan, you are perhaps familiar with Kirk's work
whether you realize it not, either as a touring live performer, on tracks recorded with various bands, or
through his work as an in-demand studio musician. Kirk (or 'Freddy' as hes known) was raised in a musical
household and began studying percussion in various school music programs. Kirk performed in concert,
jazz, marching, and pep bands at school; however, to fulfill his rock-and-roll fantasy, Kirk would sneak
into bars and nightclubs watching bands even occasionally getting the opportunity to jump on stage to
demonstrate his newly-acquired musical skills. While still in his teens, Kirk 'turned pro' joining established
professional rock bands - this was truly a dream come true: playing rock-n-roll while getting paid! Frederickson
further developed his chops sweating it out in the competitive NYC rock scene often gigging four (4) hours
nightly. In the early-2000s, Kirk began writing, recording, and touring as a founding member of Transmatic.
Recognized by CNN as "the first band signed off the internet" (to indie start-up Loud Energy, then to Virgin Records), Transmatic gained notoriety with songs appearing in films such as American Pie 2 and National Lampoon's
Van Wilder and on television shows such as Boston Public as well as touring with Michelle Branch, Tantric,
and Oleander. Some of Frederickson's most innovative work can be heard on the Brad Wood-produced Loud
Energy debut (listen to the incredible "Need to Know") and the Neal Avron-produced (Chris Lord-Alge-,
Jack Joseph Puig-, Ben Grosse-mixed) Immortal/Virgin follow-up (check out the stellar "Ball and Chain").
Transmatic disbanded in 2005 and since that time Kirk has toured and cut tracks with well-known artists and
emerging bands such as Blackmaker, Chad Harvey, Deaf Edison, Pat Dinizio (The Smithereens), Throttle,
and Wonderdrug. Currently, Kirk is an independent session musician and touring drummer who is at work
on his soon-to-be-released drum sample library.